Monday, February 10, 2020

Code of Ethics paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Code of Ethics paper - Essay Example To conduct his duty, network administrator has given an authority to access the data, accounts or files of other users so they fix them when problem occurs and also keep an eye on unethical activities. Network administrator has to follow certain principles and rules that are intended to serve as a guideline for his work based on the principles of right or wrong. Privileged access to other user’s accounts, files and data has been given to network administrator to carry out specific job duties that come up with a lot of responsibility. Privileged access is used to perform only system related duties, that may include installing a system software, relocating the files of the users in case of overloading, to return a system to its normal functioning for fixing files and processes or to check programs running for security purposes. Privileged account administrators shall take necessary precautions to keep the information of users confidential while performing their duties and shall not try to misuse the personal information of the users. Network administrator can access the personal or professional information of a user connected to his network. He can cause damage to his personal life, get access to his bank accounts, abuse the sick time and so forth. At one hand, access to someone’s data is a high security risk while on other it is extremely immoral. The easiest way to consider a code moral or immoral is to implement the code against oneself. In the given scenario, a network administrator would never like to misuse his personal data by someone else. For professional matters, it is against prestige, income, and especially autonomy of the profession to misuse other’s information. On the other hand, if the data is misused it decreases the company’s value in their customer’s eye and business world which makes it a corporate code. Lastly, as far as government bodies are concerned, they have criminal laws against a person found to abuse

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